How to Rock With Fun Colored Hair Extensions


Hair extensions are a nice way to change up your overall outlook and experiment with your hair. They’re great in making your hair look fuller and thicker, especially, when you have thin hair. Choosing the right and fun colored hair extensions will add a lot of vibrancy and elegance to your style.

Many celebrities you see are always found with different hairstyles and different hair colors on every occasion. That’s because they use high-quality branded colored hair extensions that blend in well with their original hair.

So, whether you’re going for natural colors or the bold colorful hair extensions, this article will give you great information related to a little bit of everything, so let’s dive into the details now.

Coloring Your Extensions

So you bought a pair of colored hair extensions that you liked but after successfully over-analyzing things, you realized that you would rather have a different color. Well, worry not. Thanks to the availability of natural hair extensions.

Just like normal human hair, you can very easily dye your extensions too, in the comfort of your home.

We’ll take you through a step by step process that will help you grasp the process:

Choosing a color & Gathering supplies – When you’re choosing a color, go for a professional hair color brand. A 10-volume developer is the best option for you, maybe even a 20-volume. However, steer clear from using a 30 or 40 volume color as it can cause serious damage to your hair if you’re careless.

After you’ve chosen and bought a nice, high-quality hair color, gather some more supplies:

  • Color bowl and brush
  • Gloves
  • Tinfoil
  • Plastic wrap
  • Wide-tooth soft comb
  • Towel

Organizing the workspace and Mixing colors – It’s best if you set up all the equipment and the things you need on a table with ample room for you to work comfortably. Spread the tin foil sheets on the table and place your extensions over them to avoid any staining.

Prepare the color by closely following the instructions by the manufacturer. Comb the extensions gently, to remove any tangles.

Applying the Color – Wear the gloves and hold the brush in your hand, gently run it all over the hair extensions from top to bottom, making sure that both sides of the hair extensions are completely submerged in the color solution. Avoid coloring the extensions in a bottom to top motion because that can leave them frizzy and damaged.

Color Processing – This step involves covering the extensions with a plastic sheet and leaving them out to dry at room temperature for about 20 to 40 minutes. Keep checking the color of the extensions now and then using a paper towel to make sure it’s strong, if it isn’t, simply apply more color to that area. When you feel the extensions are dried out and the process is done, take them out for rinsing.

Rinsing – Thoroughly rinse the extensions in cool water and gently use your fingers to get rid of all the dye that might be stuck to the hair. Keep rinsing the hair for about 15 to 20 minutes until you’re sure that all the color has been removed.

For final touches, shampoo your hair extensions with a moisturizing, sulfate-free shampoo.

Colored Hair Extensions & Your Skin

Colored hair extensions look best when they’re complimenting the color of your skin. They look more prominent and come out more sharply. Moreover, it also makes your features look better and attractive.

Warm Skin Tone

If you have a warm skin tone, you can go with warm colors like golden, blonde or beige colors. Extensions with yellow and red hair base will also look very good on warm skin tones.

Pale Skin

Blonde tones like champagne blonde, strawberry blonde, etc., go best with pale skin colors.

Dark Skin

For darker skin tones, darker and deeper colors like cherry, intense red or burgundy look the best.

Olive Skin

For warm, olive-colored skins, ash brown, espresso, cool dark brown and brown colored extensions should be the go-to option.

Cool Skin Tone

If you have a relatively cooler skin tone, colors like ash blond, black or shades of brown will look pretty attractive on your skin.

Pale Skin

For paler skin, colors like golden blonde, honey blonde and caramel are nice colors.

Dark Skin

For dark cool skin tones, copper, black or ginger-colored hair extensions look the best and the most pleasant.

Olive Skin

For these skins, colors like chestnut, butterscotch brown, cinnamon brown are the colors that will look attractive on your skin.

Experiment With Colors

Colored hair extensions are a great way to explore your beauty options and gain more confidence in your choices, style, and outlook. When you go to buy colored hair extensions, always be ready to spend some good cash so that you get the best product.

Cheap products can damage your hair, get faded and they may not look good. Other than that, colored hair extensions should be tried by all women who are ready to change things up a little and add some colors to their life.

Getting Hair Extensions? These Things Are Must To Know

Getting hair extensions might not feel like a big deal to some, but you must consider a few things before jumping right off into getting them. Since the application process, the color matching, etc, have some technicalities. Therefore, it’s important that you are aware of some rules before buying yourself a bundle.

Your Lifestyle

The three major ways of getting hair extensions are clip-ins, tape-ins, and keratin treatment. Each of these ways has different time spans until they keep the extensions attached, with clip-ins being attached for the shortest and keratin being attached for the longest span of time.

If you’re someone who likes to change things up often, for example, the color or the texture of your hair it’s best if you go for the tape-ins because they last you about 6 to 8 weeks whereas if you’re saying, a yoga instructor who performs vigorous exercise, keratin should be your go-to option because that will serve you better.

Matching Color

Even the slightest change in the shade of your actual hair and your extensions can give them away, therefore, it’s essential that you choose the best color matching extensions. The best way to do this is to match the extension color with the color at the end of your locks rather than the roots and just go with the color which is the most prominent in your hair.

If you already have colored natural hair, then it’s better if you wait till after 5 or 6 washes and then decide for the matching colored extensions because that will help you in selecting the color more accurately.

Spend On Quality

If you’re going for affordability, synthetic extensions are your best option, but they look very unnatural, they tangle easily and they shine a lot. Non-virgin hair means that they’re dyed and treated in order to change their texture, so they’re not ideal either because they’re more exposed and damaged.

The best option for you to spend on, are Remy hair extensions or natural hair extensions. They’re of the highest quality and the closest to natural hair so you can easily style them in whichever way and they’ll also have a very natural and real texture.


Just like our natural hair, these extensions need to be washed too, because they get exposed to a lot of dirt, air, and moisture. It’s important to wash the extensions gently, by taking them out and first checking for and removing any kind of tangles.

It’s vital that you use a shampoo and conditioner which is free of alcohol, sulfates, and parabens. When you’re styling your hair with some heating tools, be sure that your hair is at least 90 to 95 percent dry so that they don’t get damaged.

Never leave them wet before going to bed and if you have the choice, you can take them off as well. Always store your extensions in a cool and dry place, away from sunlight.

Let Go, When It’s Time

Removing your hair extensions unprofessionally can damage your hair, big time. One other thing that can cause a lot of damage is if you keep on using the extensions beyond their time frame, i.e. using extensions that are meant to last 6 weeks, for 9 weeks. Never do that.

Heavy extensions also contribute to a lot of damage. If your hair is constantly weighed down by the heavy extensions, they will start shedding, naturally.

Sometimes, Leave It To The Pros

If you’re a first-timer or you’re not good at the application of hair extensions, it will be in your benefit that you go to a salon and seek help from a professional. This way, you’ll get advice on what color is right for you, what type of extensions are right for you and they’ll also professionally apply them so that they remain intact for their mentioned time. You deserve to look your best and by following the steps listed above you will have a look you will love and deserve.



Blond Curly Hair Extensions

The fashion market is evolving day by day. As social media trends keep on coming up, girls and women are becoming increasingly confident about their looks and the styles they want to adopt for themselves. Women are not realizing that a little change-up in their hair, skin or any other feature, isn’t something to be frowned upon, instead it’s a sign of strength and confidence.

With that realization, the trend of hair extensions has gotten drastic attention over the past couple of years. Women and girls are more open to the idea of trying new and bold hairstyles for themselves now, and therefore the demand for hair extensions is increasing.

Out of the many options that are available for hair extension styles and colors, one of the most commonly used and attractive options, is blonde curly hair extensions. In this article, we’ll be talking all about them and we’ll also be mentioning some brands from where you can buy the perfect blonde curly hair extensions.

Best Time to Use Blonde Curly Hair Extensions?

Wearing blonde curly hair extensions is a great way to temporarily style your hair and make your hair look different while protecting your real hair at the same time.

When you decide to change your natural hair’s look, you might chop a chunk of your hair off, only to realize that you don’t like the look. In that case, hair extensions will come right in, to help you.

Other options include wearing a wig, faux locs, etc., but hair extensions give you the most natural look and if you apply them properly or through the help of a professional,  people might never even notice that you’re wearing extensions.

Blonde curly hair extensions are good for a temporary period of time, but they can become problematic if you keep wearing them for extended periods, as they tend to mess up your natural hair too. Furthermore, the longer you wear hair extensions, the bigger there is a possibility that you will start neglecting them and stop caring for them as much as you once used to.

Moreover, blonde curly hair extensions cannot survive without proper care and attention. They need to be brushed properly, even washed sometimes and kept safe from strong winds and excessive dust, so they can stay in their prime shape and texture.

Blonde Curly Hair Extensions – Application Methods

There are several different ways of applying them. They all vary in timing so it’s essential to keep that in mind. Along with these things there are also many other things that are different from,, each type of hair extensions application.

The Tape-In Application

Hair Extensions that are taped in last you around four to eight weeks. You can easily wash and brush your hair gently while these extensions are installed.

However, to keep them in the best shape and to make sure that their texture remains for a long time, you need to use special shampoos and conditioners.

Using a glue remover, you can easily take these extensions out when you’re done using them. And they can easily be put back on, by using glue or any other organic liquid adhesive.

The Clip-In Application

The clip-in hair extensions are one of the best options if you want to add length and volume to your natural hair. They are quite easily integrated in your natural hair and it’s hard to tell them apart from your real hair, when you’re wearing them.

Clip-In hair extensions come in different prices depending on the quality of the brand, usually, they’re sold in long pieces that are cut down into smaller pieces to perfectly layer the hair.

Most of the clip-on extensions come with the clips already attached to the hair but sometimes you have to do that yourself, which isn’t a hard process.

Micro Rings Application

Also known as microbead and micro loop extensions, they are small rings, mostly made out of aluminum that is lined with silicone to allow the hair extension to stick. This application process doesn’t require any adhesive or heating, which is why this is the safest option for your hair extensions, one that will definitely cause the most minimum amount of damage to your hair.

There are different sizes available ranging from 1.5mm to 5.5mm. The different sizes are there to provide support to different weights of the hair extensions. The size also makes a difference when it comes to the visibility of the extensions and how they feel. Some microbeads are so small that they almost give your hair a look, as fine as a non-surgical hair transplant.

Netting Application

In this application method, the hair extensions are braided into a very thin layer of net, where the hairstylist can weave the hair extensions.

In this method, the person will either have to wear a cap or a hair net prior to the braiding of the hair. The netting is great and more flexible as the hairstylist doesn’t necessarily have to weave the braids, they can just glue or sew the extensions directly on the net.

This method compared to some other application methods also isn’t that time consuming as it only takes about 2 to 4 hours maximum.

Lace Fronts Application

Lace Fronts are a comparatively newer addition to the hair extensions industry. Lace fronts are made up of a very fine mesh of nylon with little holes from which the hair gets hand ventilated through.

Lace Front gives your hair a very natural look and it comes in many different styles like wavy, curly, straight, etc.

The extension hair comes attached to the nylon mesh either by being sewn in or by being stuck to the mesh using special adhesives.

If you want the lace fronts to fit you perfectly, it’s best if you take measurements of your head and it’s also advised that you get it done from a professional hairstylist as there are some very technical things involved in the application process.

Popular Brands That Deal in Blonde Curly Hair Extensions

We know how important it is to choose the right curly hair extensions for yourself and there are many things like the quality of the extensions and the color vibrancy etc. that need to be considered before you actually buy them.

That is why we’ll be listing down some of the best brands that you can get your perfect blonde curly hair extensions from.

  1. Kinky Curly Yaki: This reasonably priced brand promises to offer the highest quality bundles of hair extensions, ones that will look as if the hair are all natural and literally growing out of your head.

  1. Perfect Locks: This brand promises special hand-selected hair extensions all the way from India. What makes their curly extensions so safe and high quality is the fact that they use a chemical-free process called steam perming, which gives their extension a very natural look.

  1. Private Stock Hair: This brand offers 100% virgin hair which is of the finest quality in the market, as they claim. This brand also specializes in curly hair extensions along with great and strong colors.

  1. Bella Curls: Bella Curls offers natural curly hair extensions from a wide variety of origins like Brazilian, Malaysian and Mongolian, so you can get the perfect natural curls of your choice.

  1. SERO Hair: If you’re looking for premium virgin hair, this is it for you. SERO hair is an emerging brand in the beauty industry which offers great quality, curly and all other types of hair extensions for you.

Three Important Things About Hair Extensions That Your Shouldn’t Neglect

A major part of how long your hair extensions last and retain their perfect condition and quality depends a lot on how much you care for them. Like most things we use, hair extensions will also get tarnished and worn off, if you don’t care for them.

Taking care of your hair extensions is quite easy and should be done on a regular basis. In this section, we’ll lay down exactly what you need to do to make sure that your hair extensions stay in perfect shape and texture.


It’s important that you gently wash your hair extensions at least once every two to three weeks. Make sure that you use cool water and don’t put too much pressure on or pull the hair extensions. It’s best to use conditioner after the wash and there should be no alcohol or sulfate in the shampoo and conditioner as that can damage the hair.


It’s crucial to dry the hair extensions out after you’ve washed them. Air drying is recommended, but the heat can damage the hair so make sure that the heat is at a minimum.


Although most people disregard how they store their hair extensions, this too is a very important part. When you store them, ensure that they’re dry, conditioned and sealed in an airtight bag to avoid any dust or debris from coming through.

Blonde Curly Hair Extensions Are The New “IT”

Getting blonde hair extensions can really give your hair a nice, super elegant touch to your hair. They’ll definitely give you the beautiful look that you deserve.

Important Reasons Why You Need to Consider Style for Hair Extensions

Important Reasons Why You Need to Consider Style for Hair Extensions

Back in the Egyptians days, both men and women used to wear hair extensions for cosmetic and fashion purposes. For decades now, putting on long hairs has been associated with beauty and youth. The style for hair extensions has made it possible for most women to get what they desire.

Most females do put on fuller and longer hairs and have at times put on wings to enable them to achieve the look they want. Within a few minutes, thin and short hair can be turned into lush, full and long hair. With different styles for hair extensions, a female’s hair can be turned to any length, style or color that suits them.

Here are some of the reasons why ladies should consider using different styles for hair extensions.

Freedom of choosing what you want

One main reason why most ladies put on hair extensions is that it offers them the opportunity to achieve different looks, texture, and lengths they want. It is also possible for one to use the hair extensions in the form of accessories.

There is lots of comforts that come with choosing the type of hair you want and being in a position to add or remove makes it much better.  The most exciting part is that hair extensions styles do work out for anyone; it does not matter if you prefer having a full bun or the simple French braids.

Helps in Adding the Extra Length on Your Hair

Are you looking for the simplest way you can add links to your hair? Then use of styles for hair extensions offers you the best solution. It provides you with the avenue to have the length of hair you have always dreamt of.

In case you do feel uncomfortable having short natural hair, it is possible to add some extra length. There are occasions that might force you to have an exceptional look which natural hair might not be able to offer. In such situations, you can always consider going for different hair extension styles that will enable you to add some length to your natural hair making you look more attractive.

Capable of Ricking in Different Colors

Do not get me wrong! You can always color your natural hair. However, most of the people who chemically treat or dye their hair do risk losing some of their natural hair, texture, and color.  

You can easily avoid this by using something that will offer you the power to easily change your hair color without posing any risk to your natural hair. This does not mean you should never bleach the color or highlight your natural hair at some point. It is however important that you do learn on giving your natural hair some rest but still has that colorful look which you can get from using a different style for hair extensions.

Helps in Boosting Your Confidence

You have come across different celebrities flaunting on their hairstyle while walking on the red carpet. For example celebrities like Beyonce, Kim Kardashian and Rihanna together with other superstars do feel confident not just because of what they are but also due to the confidence built by the different hair extension styles they have used.

Enables one to get over Troubles that come from Hair cuts

One last thing any girl will afford to do on their hair is cutting them down. Most of the ladies who cut their natural hair down have in most cases wished they never did that. In such a situation the different styles for hair extension can help you fix such a problem quickly. Although it won’t change the fact that your hair will not grow back quickly, you will be in the meantime have something which can fill into that space for the time being.

Easy and Faster to Apply

Most people do want to have that great look but do have limited time to work on their hair. However, hair extensions are available in different styles and all you have to do is go for one that suits what you need and clip it on your head to achieve what you want.

Adds Volume to Your Hair

Adding volume to your natural hair can be difficult especially when you are suffering from hair loss. However, the use of hair extension can help give instant solutions as it will help add hair volume making it thicker.

Creates the Youth Element in Your Hair

This is one thing almost every female will face at some point in their lifetime. When growing old, you will definitely start experiencing hair loss, hair having a dull look which will make you look much older. However, when you want to have that young and lady feeling, you can always achieve that by using some hair extension styles. There are styles that will make you feel younger than your actual age without hurting your preferable style.

Much Better Than the Wigs

Wigs are very great since they help in covering hair loss. However, one of their main problems is that they never look natural and can at times be uncomfortable to put on fearing they might fall off.  However, with the hair extensions, you should never have the fear of them falling off or not looking natural.

Possible to Experiment with Color

Anyone loves the magic that comes with dyed hair and crazy colors. However, the sad part that it brings is a single application or hair dyes and bleach can take a toll on your natural hairs health. When aftercare is not sufficient, the hair will start showing breakage signs, become frizzy, look dry and split at the ends. It is possible for one to prevent damage to their hairs by putting on different styles for hair extensions.  You can always invest in a pre-dyed hair extension to match your style and skin tone.

Helps in Protection from Elements

Hair extensions make it possible for one to get trendy and protective styles for their natural hair especially when the winter season approaches.  During the summer, having longer hairs can be a disadvantage as they can make you feel hot although during the winter you can always put them on. However, this does not suggest you should use the hair extension as a scarf during the winter but it somehow helps in offering to protect against cold.

Helps in Saving Money

The different styles of hair extensions will help you save money as you will be in a position to achieve a higher effect than even going to the hairdressers and getting a new style at a higher cost. With hair extension you just need to invest in buying different styles that you can always change to suit your preference.

Other Important Things You Need to Know About the Hair Extensions

Easy to Replace and Maintain

Just like every other thing including your natural hair, they need to be looked after very well.  The same applies to the hair extensions.  It is advisable that you wash the clippings six-nine times after you wear them. However, before washing the clips, it is important that you first remove and comb any tangling out.   You can always use a conditioner or shampoo which is free from parabens and sulfate and remove the excess water using a towel.

Lifestyle Plays an Important Role

One important thing any person needs to consider before getting a hair extension. There are three main types of hair extension styles. There are the entry, the clippings, and the gateway drug.  These are the common types for any person who wants to start using hair extensions.

The three types are easy to use and one can easily attach and detach them anytime they feel. There are also tape extensions which are undetectable and invisible. Keratin is the last option. With this, one will need a technological process to attach them. They do adhere to keratin attachment and activation of sound.  In case you like changing colors, the best option would be the tape extension.

The first thing to do will always be getting a new cut

When you decide to go for hair extension, getting a fresh cut would be the first thing to do. Getting a new extension at the end of every hair strand will be difficult especially if your hair is left on cut and long.

In case you prefer blending the extension on your hair, getting a new cut will ensure you achieve that with ease. It is important that before you put in a new style for hair extensions to first visit your hairstylist to help trim down your hair.


It is advisable that you avoid going for hair extension styles that weigh heavier than your natural hair.  When you put style for hair extensions that are heavier than your natural hair, there is a high possibility of it breaking down or getting damaged.  Ensure what you install is lighter than your natural hair can easily withstand.



Short Hair Extensions

With the fashion industry growing day by day, new products and variants are coming out on the regular. A lot of innovations have been made in the hair extensions industry as well, one of them being short hair extensions. 

Just like any other hair extensions, short hair extensions are also used to add style and volume to your hair and give them a nice, elegant look. 

Short hair is a bold move for women and often women don’t want to risk having a pixie or a bob cut, therefore even if they do make the dreadful decision of having short hair, they can always get some extra length back, by adding short hair extensions to them to make them look a bit longer. 

Short hair extensions are also used to increase the volume of your hair. If you have short hair that is really thin, you can find matching extensions to go with the short hair and you can add them to give your hair a denser look. 

Various Types of Best Short Hair Extensions To Know About

Adding extensions to your short hair can be a little tricky and quite challenging to implement. Therefore we’ll be listing down a few of the best short hair extension types that will go amazingly with your short hair. 

Clip In Human Hair Extensions

The most common type of hair extensions used by women with short hair is the human hair, clip-in extensions. The reason for the popularity is the fact that they’re extremely easy to apply and they’re also one of the cheapest options to be purchased, with really good quality. 

Sometimes, you might just need an extra few inches of length if your hairstyle looks too short and these clip-ins will really come in handy, in such situations. 

Clip-ins can be a little tricky to apply when doing for the first and maybe even the second time but you eventually get used to applying them and then it gets really easy. Apart from being easy to apply, clip-in extensions add a good amount of length and volume to your hair, therefore, you should definitely keep this as an option. 

However, there is a common complaint about these types of hair extensions and that is that they can look a little too thick and dense sometimes and not blend with the women’s hair properly. But this problem can easily be rectified by choosing a bundle of extensions which weighs less than 3.5 ounces, simple. 

One other thing you can do is get a bundle with fewer pieces. Extensions come in different sets like 2, 4 8, etc., so you can just do some research and buy a set according to your actual need. 

Synthetic Hair Extensions

Synthetic Hair Extensions are another popular choice of hair extensions for many women due to several reasons, like the fact that they retain their style for a long time, they come in beautiful attractive colors and they look really natural. 

You can even opt for the heat-resistant synthetic hair extensions and have the liberty of styling them exactly like your real hair and have some fun with different kinds of hairstyles. 

Synthetic Hair Extensions also tend to blend really well with all kinds of hair, including short hair and they seem totally invisible from their point of attachment which is another reason why women prefer these extensions a lot, over many others. 

Synthetic hair extensions can also be used to add volume to your hair and that too for a comparatively long time, without having to worry about coating your hair with a shower of hair spray. 

Hacks To Blend Short Hair Extensions 

If you’ve been rocking a long bob or a blunt bob cut for a while and want some changes made with your hair, the hacks that we’ll be covering will surely help you in achieving that newer, fresher look, so keep reading on. 

Go Heavy

We all know how crucial it is to find extensions whose weight will go perfectly with your type of hair. It’s highly recommended that girls with short hair, the one with blunt haircuts, in particular, to always grab on to the heaviest set that they can get their hands on. 

The take is that you want the transition of your natural hair to your extensions to be completely natural and unnoticeable, therefore, you would need a greater amount of hair for every weft to completely hideout the area where the extensions meet your natural hair. 

Layer It

This layering technique will give you an amazing blend that’ll look really beautiful and unique. Although this method requires you to cut your precious hair short, we assure you that the outcome will look outstanding. 

If your short hair is naturally wavy and layered, you can add some extensions to them to increase the length and then go to your hairstylist and ask them to cut the entire bundle in one layer. 

This kind of cut will create an extremely attractive, super flowy, seamless kind of look that you can rock, as the perfect change. 

Covering The Base 

Girls with unique haircuts like lobs or blunts, this one’s for you. While wearing extensions, short edges of your real hair tend to peek out from below the extensions, which gives a really messy, haphazard type of look. 

You can fix this by pinning the bottom area of your hair against your head, or you can easily tie up a braid and hide the peeking hair behind it. 

Stacking Up

If your short haircut makes your hair look quite blunt or less dense, you can follow this great trick and get over this problem, easily. 

The name ‘stacking up’ kind of gives away the most important part of the trick which requires you to stack up wefts of hair extensions on top of each other and then clip them onto your real hair to give them a really dense and high volume look. 

Color Decoding

This is a great way to streamline your short hair and trick anyone, very easily. This method basically adds a lot of dimension to your hair. What you would need to do is combine and attach extensions with the similar colors, for example, chocolate brown and chestnut brown, together and clipping them on to your short hair. 

If you have two-toned natural hair, then you need to pick a bundle which matches the ends of your original hair, not the routes, because only that will allow a seamless looking flow of hair and it’ll blend in perfectly with the extensions. 

Higher Than The Usual 

Clipping hair extensions on short hair can be tricky, we’ve all established that. Therefore, it’s important that you cover as much of your short hair as possible. In order to achieve that, you’ll have to start attaching them from a lot higher on your head, compared to applying extensions to normal length hair. 

Waving and Curling

This is the last hack for a seamless blend of extensions and natural hair. Waving and curling your hair adds a lot of style to your hair and it also makes them really flowy and very subtly hides any signs of attachments or extra hair. 

Some Go-To Brands

In this section we’ll be listing down a few great brands that you can buy your short hair extensions from, you’ll surely get a great price and quality from them.

Hidden Crown Hair

Hidden Crown Hair is a very popular high-end hair extensions brand, trusted and recommended by many celebrities and stylists, including the famous Justine Marjan, who often works with Kardashians. She says that their pieces are really thick and high quality compared to most brands. 

Beauty Works

Beauty Works’ clip-in hair extensions are one of the best and they come in a plethora of different colors and highlights which makes it easier for you to find the perfect match for your hair. 

Their bundles also come in a variety of different densities, according to your desired usage. If you want a lot of volume, you can choose their double hair set, and so on. 


Another brand from the big players in the hair extension market, SoCapUSA offers a large variety of unique colors including frosted shades and neon-colored hair extensions, that’ll let you give your short hair a stand-out, highly unique look. 

Ricky’s NYC

This top-quality brand is great for you, if you’re short on time, as well as funds. Their products are comparatively cheaper, with a lot of outlets spread across Manhattan and a free online shipping service on orders above $50. They offer a great variety of different textured hair extensions along with attractive colors. 

To Sum Up

In conclusion, short hair extensions are a great way to add length and volume to your hair. They allow you to play with different styles and lengths and they add a really nice touch to your short hair and make them look even more attractive and dense, along with a hint of pretty colors. 

Short Hair Extensions Are Ruling The Entire Fashion Clan Today – And Here’s Why

Since the very beginning of time, a gorgeous mane of shiny, vivacious hair has been one of the greatest parameters to measure beauty and attractiveness. However, it was a bit daunting to adapt to a way that would help achieve it. But not anymore! Thanks to short hair extensions.

For this reason, the beauty industry has always been all about creating ways that you can have the locks that you desire. Short hair extensions are only one of these many solutions that have been designed for this purpose.

The Beauty Industry is Making Millions Today Selling Hair Extensions

In fact, hair extensions are one of the bestselling products of the beauty industry today. People all over the world are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to get their hands on the latest weaves being released by the mega beauty and cosmetics companies. And now, this pricey yet life-changing beauty product has broken all barriers of gendered limitations.

These days, it is not only the women who are obsessing about the latest designer wigs and hair extensions, but men are also just as crazy about them. In fact, the giants of the beauty industry are specifically creating short hair extensions that are specially meant for the male fashionista.

But why exactly has this one item taken the fashion world by such a storm? How exactly have hair extensions changed our lives for the better? And why is it such a good idea to invest in them? These are some of the questions that we will try to answer in our post today.

Why Going For Short Hair Extensions is The Best Thing You Can do to Revive Your Personal Style?

A good chunk of the world’s population is experiencing some sort of hair or scalp problem today. People are becoming exceedingly dissatisfied with how their hair looks, and want to constantly change it up.

Elements such as the increasing pollution, substandard diets, and chemical and heat treatments for the hair have made our tresses dry, dull, and lifeless. Very few women today are actually satisfied with the way their hair looks naturally, and are not looking for a fix for it.

  1. Hair Extensions Give You The Perfect, Healthy Hair That You Would Love to Flip

For the greater part of the population that is looking for a fix, hair extensions are a true blessing. Hair extensions allow you to have that luxurious mane that you have always wanted, without having to worry about putting a ton of product in your hair.

  1. You Can go From Being Snow White to Rapunzel – And All in an Instant!

There are many reasons why buying a set of hair extensions is one of the wisest investments you will ever make into your personal style. Not only are they a safe and commitment-free way of switching up your entire look whenever you want, but having short hair extensions also means much less of your time, money, and effort going into the maintenance of your full head of hair.

  1. Hair Extensions Promote a Healthier Image of Oneself And Make You More Confident

Hair extensions have also helped the self-esteem of people who have hair issues. Thinning of hair, seasonal hair fall, and male pattern baldness are some hair problems that are super common in today’s world. Look around yourself. Every other person is suffering from some type of hair issue or the other.

These hair issues can cause people to not only become worried about their hair health but also severely bring down one’s confidence. In these scenarios, short hair extensions work to boost up your dignity and self-confidence.

What Should You Keep in Mind Before Investing in a Particular Set of Short Hair Extensions?

Now that you know the many ways a set of hair extensions can help you, you have decided to go in and make the purchase. Congratulations. But these hair extensions often do not come cheap. And with so many options available in the market when it comes to hair extensions, how can you be sure to make the right pick? What are some of the considerations that you should take before you invest the money?

When you are in the market for hair extensions, there are some core rules that you need to follow. So, before you head out to the shops, spare a few minutes and read on the following paragraphs to better equip yourself towards making the right choice for your head. Let’s begin.

  1. Make Sure Your Weave is Both Pretty And Practical

Okay, so we all would love to swish around a ponytail as long and thick as Ariana Grande. But when you really think about it, can you go on living your normal, daily life with that sort of wig on your head?

Unless you are a celebrity like our favorite pop star here, the answer is likely to be negative. Handling a wig that long is certainly not an easy task, even for celebrities. And when you are a working woman juggling all the multiple roles you have been given, it becomes even harder.

So, the number one rule to buying the correct set of hair extensions? Make sure it is something you can manage. If you are living a busy life, it is smarter to get short hair extensions that can be easily removed or put on at home than a thick ponytail that needs to be handled professionally.

  1. Do Not Make The Biggest Fashion Blooper And Pick The Wrong Shade

Putting on hair extensions that are clearly not your color is the worst fashion mistake you can make with them. Can you imagine somebody with brown hair having some weirdly black, clearly fake pieces of hair hanging off their scalp? How tacky!

This is why it is always a good idea to get hair extensions in person. Ordering short hair extensions online often results in you getting a shade that is not quite right, and will make you look like a fashion disaster. To make sure that you do not end up wasting your hard-earned money or looking like you are on your way to the circus, always pay special attention to the shade you are getting.

  1. Go For The Higher Quality – Even if You Have to Fork Over a Little More Money

When you do hit the shops, you will see that hair extensions are being sold for a wide range of prices. If you take a good round, you will find these wigs being priced as low as $5, and going up as high as a couple of thousand dollars! Although not always, but when you decrease the price for hair extensions, the quality goes down as well.

This means that a cheaper hair extension – though more tempting to buy – will look much more unnatural than a high end one. Cheap hair extensions also tend to wear out super fast, are harder to care for, and just do not look right. By forking out a little extra money for this hair accessory, you can save yourself from all of these problems.

How Can You Make Your Hair Extensions Last For Years?

However, even when you have bought the most costly hair extensions out there, they still need proper care and maintenance. Without the love that they deserve, you will eventually damage them with use. Here are a few tips you can use to make sure that your short hair extensions last for years without losing their luster.

If your hair extensions are made from human hair, be sure to treat it like you would treat your own hair. This means gently washing them with a sulfate-free shampoo every once in a while.

The shampoo you use must be extremely mild and must not contain any harsh agents, or you run the risk of the hair extensions drying out and becoming brittle. After you are done shampooing your hair, treat them with a moisturizing and hydrating conditioner.

Another thing you need to take care of is to make sure that your hair extensions are never wet when you go to bed. This is because most people tend to roll over and move in their sleep, and if your hair extensions are wet during this, they are much more likely to tangle and tear.

Last but not least, be gentle when you are brushing your hair extensions. Tugging at your strands mercilessly can cause them to break and lose their luster.

What Do You Want?

Do you like to try out different looks? Have you been wanting a pixie cut but are afraid of the commitment? Have you been losing hair and are worried about it? Then you could probably benefit from a set of short hair extensions.

Make sure that you ponder over the tips that we have mentioned above in the article. Moreover, don’t settle for cheap quality or you’ll be damaging your hair pretty badly.

So, be smart and choose quality because it is your self-esteem that’s at stake.

Style for Hair Extensions- Which Style is ForYou

Hair Extensions Defined

Hair extensions are very popular in today’s society. They are applications designed to add vitality and extended length to one’s hair. There are two types of hair extensions; synthetic hair and natural hair. Synthetic hair is the cheapest of the two. Natural hair is more costly because it runs in a straight direction and is preserved for longevity. These two types of hair are significant for the style of hair extensions.

There is also a distinction between single – drawn hair and double – drawn hair. Single drawn hair is about two inches long while double drawn hair is much longer, of better quality, and is less thinning at the bottom. Both of these styles of hair extensions are applicable to you based upon your personal preference.

Why Hair Extensions are so Effective

The usage of hair extensions is convenient and attractive for various reasons

  • Colors can be added to your hair without the usage of chemicals.
  • The style for hair extensions can give vitality to your appearance
  • for those women who have short hair and have problems with growing hair, hair extensions can be used to add extra length to their hair.
  • Hair extensions can also be used for the fullness of hair in women who have thinning hair.

Factors to consider when getting a Hair extension

  1. As discussed earlier there are synthetic hair applications and natural hair applications. It is important to buy hair extensions of the best quality which often results in a higher price.
  2. Hair extensions should be applied by a stylist to ensure proper placement and comfort. For example, hair that is too tight may cause discomfort, headaches, and could lead to loss of natural hair.
  3. Remember that before you got a hair extension it all began with your own natural hair. Make sure your hair is washed regularly and well-nourished with the proper products, namely hair conditioners.
  4. Keep in mind that with your new hair you may face the possibility of getting your hair caught up in or pulled by jewelry or other items.

Types of hair extensions

  • Micro Beads – are small beads attached to hair extensions that are secured to your head using a small tool usually referred to as pliers. There are no other applications in this process. and once completed, the application is very well camouflaged. This style of hair extensions is very popular.
  • Bundle extensions – are multiple hairs woven together to form a bundle. They come in different lengths and can range from 10 inches to 40 inches.
  • Clip-In Extensions – are small hair parts attached with metal clips. This type of hair extension is called is similar to a barrette.
  • Tape-In hair extensions – are thin pre-taped hair extensions that are applied to your natural hair overlapping the extension in a sandwich typed fashion.
  • U Tip process – The U Tip hair extension process is made up of a U shaped tip made of glue. The glue is fused within your natural hair and lasts for several weeks.
  • The I Tip hair extension involves the process of using a micro ring pulling your hair through a metal loop. The loop is usually made up of aluminum and copper. Because of its materials, the process is considered very risky for women actively receiving radiation and chemotherapy treatments. This process has also been known to cause harm to the cuticles of your hair.

Proper care for hair extensions

Taking care of your natural hair continues to be just as important while using extensions and weaves. Natural hair should be cared for regularly when showering. Using deep conditioners regularly will keep hair well hydrated and nourished.

Chemicals are used to manufacture hair extensions. This is another reason why deep conditioners are necessary to keep natural hair from drying and prevent the scalp from becoming scaly.

Hair extensions have also become the preferable choice over the coloring of natural hair because hair extensions often prevent excessive shedding of hair, bald spots, and dry scalp problems often associated with coloring treatments of natural hair.

It is important to wash extensions properly so they are properly preserved and last as long as possible. This is accomplished by using a sulfate-free and alcohol-free conditioner. This prevents tangling of hair, matting, and keeps the oils within the hair. It is also good practice to take a cool shower as opposed to a warm or heated shower because the hot water melts the conditioner out of your hair. A cool shower contracts the conditioner helping it to stay present within the hair.

New You Possibilities

Look good, feel good, do good. These are the adjectives that fuel the hair extension industry. When a woman looks good and feels good, she is inclined to be more productive and do good. This is why women will spend countless hours ensuring that the selected hair extension brings them to that look good place.


That look good place is where confidence soars, low self-esteem goes in the toilet, and that look good feeling spills over into the feel good and do good place bringing about positive change in the wholeness of a woman’s life.

This is where every woman wants to be. The style for hair extensions has proven to directly affect a woman’s self-image. The ability to cover up bald spots, make hair fuller, and longer has proven to boost a woman’s self-esteem. The hair extension industry continues to become very attractive and profitable in this regard.

Statistics from, the leading and beauty online authority, reports that 38 percent of women use some form of hair extension and 87 percent of women do not tell family and friends that they are using hair extensions. hair extensions have shown significant growth over the last three years with projected annual growth in sales of 10 billion by the year 2023.

The major factors influencing this growth are ease of application of these processes, longevity of application and a growing economy. Industry analyst project that the hair extension industry will grow at a rate of 9% each year. Industry analysts also report double growth revenues if the economies of China, The United States, and India economies continue to grow.

Revenue from the online business of hair extensions has not been factored into this growth estimate. Online hair sales is a new venue and have not provided an accurate growth estimate at this time. However, we do know that more and more people are shopping on the internet which accentuates the potential growth of online sales.


The Best Natural Hair Extensions & 3 Important Things To Know About Them


Hair extensions are an ongoing phenomenon in the fashion industry, one that is only seeing more and more variations and an increase in popularity and usage, with every passing day.

Natural hair extensions are so-called because they’re specifically designed for natural hair. If you’re confused about the types and what are some of the best natural hair extensions in the business, read on, because we’ll be covering it all, here. Moreover, we’ll also be telling you tips on how to take care of hair extensions.

1. The Application Types

First of all, let’s get familiar with the various kinds of Natural hair extensions and their application. Every application is different from the other, takes a different amount of time, and has different prices and variations in how long you can keep them applied for.

Strand By Strand

This application process is possibly the most expensive and takes the most amount of time to be completed. In this method, you have to take twenty to thirty strands of your hair and apply the extensions to them, through either hot or cold fusion.

Although time and money consuming, this method is the most natural of all the application methods and can be good for almost 6 months.


In this application method, you just need a bundle of natural hair extensions and it’s as simple as that. The sticking track or the ‘weft’ of the extensions is layered with either single or double-sided tape.

Double-sided extensions are used to create a firm grip around the hair, so they’re better taped in, compared to the single tape ones. But the single-sided tape extensions are ideal for thinner hair.

The application price is somewhat low to medium, with the application process lasting for an hour and the extensions can last you for a good six to eight weeks.


The name pretty much speaks for itself here. The ‘glue in’ application process has a glue applied to the weft of the hair extensions which sticks on to your natural hair. The process takes around one or two hours and has to be done by a professional because improper application or removal can cause a lot of hair damage and hair loss.


Sew In method is one of the most preferable and safe ways to apply natural hair extensions. This process requires you to braid your hair first, because that will allow the extensions to be sewn in between them, with the support of a threaded needle.

This process can take up to three or four hours on average but it is one of the most affordable ways to apply hair extensions.

Clip-Ins/Flip Ins

For clip in applications, clips are used to be stuck on with the hair and for the flip in applications, a silk wire is used. The downside of this process is that you’ll be required to take the extensions off before going to bed at night.

The application process, however, is pretty simple and takes thirty minutes on average. It is also one of the cheapest application methods.

2. Brands – The Best In The Business

So you’ve finally decided that you want to try hair extensions. Maybe it’s your first time, or maybe you had a bad experience in the past, either way, you want to try it again and you’re wondering what brands offer the best natural hair extensions.

Well, you’re in luck because that’s what we’ll be covering next. We’ve compiled a list of some of the most reliable brands, what they offer and at what price do they offer.

Indique Hair Extensions

Indique Hair Extensions has been around for quite some time now. It is one of the most common go-to locations for women looking to get hair extensions. Their 17 different outlets across the United States and 1 in South Africa, makes it much easier to go to and get your desired hair extensions done.

Indique Hair Extensions have a wide range of quality, natural hair extensions that can cost you a base price of at least $140, with prices going higher depending on the collection you choose and the length.

But with that price tag, it’s safe to assume that it’s merely an investment in your hair’s beauty because you can reuse their hair extensions multiple times. This makes it one of the best natural hair extensions.

True Indian Hair

True Indian Hair is also one of the big and the most reliable players in the hair extensions industry. This brand has been around for the last 12 years, with celebrities like Rihanna, Alicia Keys, Serena Williams being big fans of it.

The unique thing about True Indian Hair is that they individually handpick the extensions for their customers to make sure that they’re top quality and have the best texture.

Although a little expensive, with prices ranging from $120 to $300, this brand provides amazing hair extensions which can last you quite some time, given that you follow the brand’s maintenance guidelines, mentioned on their website.

Boho Exotic Studio

The Boho Exotic Studio is a relatively new entrant in the hair extensions market but it’s definitely gaining a lot of popularity and becoming a go-to spot for the girls. What sets this brand apart is the fact that they have a variety of 21 different curly texture hair extensions.

The wow factor of this brand isn’t just confined to the variety, in fact, the brand also very proudly boasts about the minimal shedding quality of their hair extensions. A 3.5 oz bundle of these amazing hair extensions can set you back somewhere between $69 to $190, with the prices going up if you opt for longer extensions.

Galaxy 5000

This emerging brand is also getting a lot of attention from women all across the world due to its great quality and the fact that with proper maintenance, their hair extensions can last you as long as over two years. Now that’s a big promise.

One reason behind the fact that this brand offers a wide variety of hair textures for different types of hair is the fact that the extensions are sourced in Cambodia and the Philippines. They have great quality control which makes sure that the hair extensions are top-notch and they don’t shed.

With this great quality and a long range of varieties, it’s safe to say that the brand will be a little costly, with initial prices starting from $96 for a 3.5 oz bundle.

Heat Free Hair Extensions

Heat Free Hair started off as a brand that will help women with natural hair, find and choose a variety of extensions that will go with their curly hair or fro. Heat Free Hair has an array of different options like clip-ins, wigs and high-quality extensions to choose from, according to your preference and liking.

This brand is quite famous for having perfected the technology for creating natural hair and extension blends that look perfect, thanks to its wide range of curl patterns and textures.

3. Taking Care Of Your Natural Hair Extensions

If you’re investing a good amount of money in buying hair extensions for yourself, it’s also very important that you know how to care for them. Here are a few tips on how you can do that:

  1. Storing The Extensions – Whenever you take your hair extensions off, it’s important that you close the clips (if they’re clip-on).

When you’re putting them away for storage, it’s advised to brush them off and make sure that they’re placed in a cool and dry place away from sunlight. It’s also important that you keep them in a cover or a box, not in the open.

  1. How To Brush – When brushing, take a stack of hair and brush it very gently from the bottom to the top. If there’s a knot in between, take that individual strand of knotted hair and brush it gently until the knot opens.

Never brush the extensions when they’re wet because wet extensions are the most vulnerable to breakage.

  1. Avoid Tangling – Dry weather, moisture, sweat and a lot of other factors can contribute to the tangling of your hair. Therefore, it’s very important that you keep a brush with you at all times. The brush to be used to untangle your hair should be a soft-bristle or a wide-tooth one.
  1. Reduce Shedding – Shedding is a common phenomenon when it comes to hair, therefore, brush your extensions gently, once, before you go for a shower and once more when they’re completely dry. To further reduce shedding make sure that you avoid products that contain alcohol or sulfates, for your hair.

Final Verdict

There’s no doubt in the fact that opting for the best natural hair extensions is a great way to protect your hair and to explore different styles for yourself. Your preference and choice are the only limits to the variety of natural hair extensions you could get for yourself, in today’s era.

Lastly, it’s very important that you follow your stylist’s instructions if you want your hair extensions to retain their beauty and to last for a long time, in some cases, even a few years.


Best Hair Extensions For Black Women

Just like any other woman, black women like to experiment with their hair and want to try out different hairstyles using extensions, weaves or wigs. 

Statistics show that 6 out of 10 African American women would use one of the three hairstyling options mentioned before. 

Maintaining the hair and having a great hairstyle is something black women dream of and work towards achieving it. Some of them choose to stay neutral by trying out new styles on their natural hair,  while some have a different approach. We are talking about the best hair extensions for black women. 

This is the modern era and the hairstyling industry is loaded with the best hair extensions for black women. 

These extensions are a really nice way to give yourself a new, different look. It boosts your confidence and makes you try out new styles and explore various options based on your looks. In this article, we’ll be diving deep into the details about the best hair extensions for black women, so read on. 

Hair Extension Textures For Black Women

There are many different textures that go with different styles of natural hair that black women can buy and use according to their preference and we’ll be briefly looking into some of them. 

Straight Texture

Straight hair is simple and classy. They don’t require much work when it comes to styling or taking care of and they look good on almost every person. 

You can get straight hair texture extensions to increase volume and thickness and to simplify your daily hairstyling process with the least amount of effort. 

Body Wave Texture

This texture is like the perfect balance between curly and straight as they’re not too straight, neither are they too curly. They have a single, flowy look with smooth waves that look really nice, especially on black women. 

If your hair is natural hair, you can make use of the body wave texture to add a little more style to them and make them subtly stylish. Do remember however that they start losing their waves after some time so you’ll have to manually curl them again using a hair roller. 

Loose Wave Texture

This type of hair extension has loose curls that almost look like waves. What makes them different from body wave is the fact that they don’t have a singular flow, rather they spread all across the hair in small curly pieces which creates a lot of texture and density. 

These require a lot of attention and maintenance as the curls tend to get loose over time. You can only wash your loose wave textured hair once or twice per week, at max. And it’s possible that you’ll have to reapply the texture using hair curlers, after a few washes. 

Deep Waves Texture 

This hair texture is another great look for all the black women as this has deep, tight curls all over, which really complement their natural hairstyles too. They’re the most densely curled hair extensions you can get in the market. 

They require a lot of care and you need to brush them gently as they can easily get tangled up in the brush and damaged. 

Funmi Texture

This is a very common hair texture among many black women as it looks super elegant and classy and it’s also sometimes referred to as the love child between the curly and straight textured hair. 

What makes this so unique is the fact that the hair starts off completely straight and the straightness turns into tight curls along the middle of the hair length. This hairstyle is amazing for special occasions like shows or weddings as it really makes you stand out. 

Kinky Curly Texture

This texture adds an extremely beautiful touch to all the black women who already have curly hair. This type of hair extensions has a zigzag pattern of tight kinky curls, which give your hair an extremely dense and healthy look, all while adding more and more to your style,  statement,  and outlook. Hence, it is considered to be one of the best hair extensions for black women.

Most women who already have this texture naturally, use these extensions to add more volume to their hair. Although they do seem really strong, kinky curly hair tends to get dry and they often get weak, so proper care is crucial. 

Types Of Hair Used In Extensions

Before we jump into what kind of hair extensions would be suitable, it’s important that we know the different types of hair that is used in making different types of hair extensions. The two main types are basically human hair and artificial hair; these two types are further divided into subcategories which we will be mentioning below:

Artificial Hair Extensions 

Premium Hair – This is the first and the most common type of artificial hair extensions which is widely available in the market. Never go on the name ‘premium’ as these extensions are not so premium when it comes to quality. 

These extensions are prone to tangling as the tips and the roots of the hair face different directions. There are ‘tangle-free’ premium hair extensions but they’ve been chemically processed to avoid friction and tangles. Premium hair extensions are mostly laminated to make your hair look shiny and healthy.

Synthetic Fibers – These hair extensions again, are not natural and don’t have any natural hair in them, instead, they’re a combination of various synthetic fibers. Synthetic hair extensions do not last quite long, compared to natural hair extensions and they cannot be heat treated for curls or flat irons. They’re so artificial that they never really fully blend in with your natural hair because they’re somewhat stiff and less flowy. 

Although they’re cheap and their quality has been improved majorly, over the years, their demand has only drastically fallen due to their fakeness and lack of longevity. 

Futura – These hair extensions are a special kind of synthetic fibers that can bear the heat and hence, can be straightened and curled, but they still can’t be colored. Futura hair extensions may last longer than natural human hair extensions but they fall short in the human hair qualities and properties. 

Natural Hair Extensions

Natural hair extensions, also known as human hair extensions form the highest quality hair extensions that you can get. They’re differentiated on the methods of their collection as well as preparation, so we’ll separately look into each one of the types.

Remy Hair – Remy hair extensions are the best quality of hair extensions available on the market, they’re so good that they’re also considered to be a synonym of great quality. The world Remy is derived from a French verb ‘remettre’ which apparently means ‘to put back’. The bundle of hair which will make up the Remy hair bundle is re-aligned so that all the hair is facing the same direction. 

The production of Remy hair requires a lot of skill and technical work. The term Remy hair now simply means that the hair was cut directly from the donor and kept as they were, in their original position and direction. 

Raw or Virgin Hair – As the name suggests, these hair extensions are completely raw and untouched. This means that they don’t go through any kind of process or procedure before getting collected. This also means that they’ve never been colored which is why they’re incredibly soft, silky and smooth and they will blend in perfectly with your hair giving them a natural, attractive look and feel. 

Single Drawn Hair – This particular bundle of hair extensions is so-called because it was only brushed through once, just to remove the really short hair strands from the original set of hair. This is exactly why a bundle of single drawn hair extensions will consist of hair that varies in length. 

Double Drawn Hair – This means that the bundle was brushed through several times so that only the hair with the same length, remain in the bundle and all other varying length hair is discarded. 

Hair Extension Brands For You

In this section, we’ll be listing down a few brands that we feel are great for providing high-quality hair extensions that will blend in seamlessly with black women’s hair. 

  • AiryHair AiryHair is an amazing brand that only deals in premium high-quality natural hair extensions, and they have entire separate sections full of different hair extensions, made exclusively for black women and their hair types. 
  • KinkyCurlyYakiThis brand is also quite famous and trusted in the hair extensions community, especially by black women, as they have hair extensions designed according to the curly, wavy natural hairstyles that black women usually have. 
  • ONYCHair –  This brand also offers great bundle deals and offers high-quality products for all kinds of hair, especially black women who have curly and highly textured hair that are hard to be paired with extensions. 

Final Words

Black women already have such a diverse range of naturally good looking hairstyles that make them stand out. Using these extensions will just add a lot more to their beauty and style, and they can really explore new ways of styling their hair and adding density to them, by using the different textures/styles of hair extensions that we’ve mentioned.