Best Hair Extensions For Black Women


Just like any other woman, black women like to experiment with their hair and want to try out different hairstyles using extensions, weaves or wigs. 

Statistics show that 6 out of 10 African American women would use one of the three hairstyling options mentioned before. 

Maintaining the hair and having a great hairstyle is something black women dream of and work towards achieving it. Some of them choose to stay neutral by trying out new styles on their natural hair,  while some have a different approach. We are talking about the best hair extensions for black women. 

This is the modern era and the hairstyling industry is loaded with the best hair extensions for black women. 

These extensions are a really nice way to give yourself a new, different look. It boosts your confidence and makes you try out new styles and explore various options based on your looks. In this article, we’ll be diving deep into the details about the best hair extensions for black women, so read on. 

Hair Extension Textures For Black Women

There are many different textures that go with different styles of natural hair that black women can buy and use according to their preference and we’ll be briefly looking into some of them. 

Straight Texture

Straight hair is simple and classy. They don’t require much work when it comes to styling or taking care of and they look good on almost every person. 

You can get straight hair texture extensions to increase volume and thickness and to simplify your daily hairstyling process with the least amount of effort. 

Body Wave Texture

This texture is like the perfect balance between curly and straight as they’re not too straight, neither are they too curly. They have a single, flowy look with smooth waves that look really nice, especially on black women. 

If your hair is natural hair, you can make use of the body wave texture to add a little more style to them and make them subtly stylish. Do remember however that they start losing their waves after some time so you’ll have to manually curl them again using a hair roller. 

Loose Wave Texture

This type of hair extension has loose curls that almost look like waves. What makes them different from body wave is the fact that they don’t have a singular flow, rather they spread all across the hair in small curly pieces which creates a lot of texture and density. 

These require a lot of attention and maintenance as the curls tend to get loose over time. You can only wash your loose wave textured hair once or twice per week, at max. And it’s possible that you’ll have to reapply the texture using hair curlers, after a few washes. 

Deep Waves Texture 

This hair texture is another great look for all the black women as this has deep, tight curls all over, which really complement their natural hairstyles too. They’re the most densely curled hair extensions you can get in the market. 

They require a lot of care and you need to brush them gently as they can easily get tangled up in the brush and damaged. 

Funmi Texture

This is a very common hair texture among many black women as it looks super elegant and classy and it’s also sometimes referred to as the love child between the curly and straight textured hair. 

What makes this so unique is the fact that the hair starts off completely straight and the straightness turns into tight curls along the middle of the hair length. This hairstyle is amazing for special occasions like shows or weddings as it really makes you stand out. 

Kinky Curly Texture

This texture adds an extremely beautiful touch to all the black women who already have curly hair. This type of hair extensions has a zigzag pattern of tight kinky curls, which give your hair an extremely dense and healthy look, all while adding more and more to your style,  statement,  and outlook. Hence, it is considered to be one of the best hair extensions for black women.

Most women who already have this texture naturally, use these extensions to add more volume to their hair. Although they do seem really strong, kinky curly hair tends to get dry and they often get weak, so proper care is crucial. 

Types Of Hair Used In Extensions

Before we jump into what kind of hair extensions would be suitable, it’s important that we know the different types of hair that is used in making different types of hair extensions. The two main types are basically human hair and artificial hair; these two types are further divided into subcategories which we will be mentioning below:

Artificial Hair Extensions 

Premium Hair – This is the first and the most common type of artificial hair extensions which is widely available in the market. Never go on the name ‘premium’ as these extensions are not so premium when it comes to quality. 

These extensions are prone to tangling as the tips and the roots of the hair face different directions. There are ‘tangle-free’ premium hair extensions but they’ve been chemically processed to avoid friction and tangles. Premium hair extensions are mostly laminated to make your hair look shiny and healthy.

Synthetic Fibers – These hair extensions again, are not natural and don’t have any natural hair in them, instead, they’re a combination of various synthetic fibers. Synthetic hair extensions do not last quite long, compared to natural hair extensions and they cannot be heat treated for curls or flat irons. They’re so artificial that they never really fully blend in with your natural hair because they’re somewhat stiff and less flowy. 

Although they’re cheap and their quality has been improved majorly, over the years, their demand has only drastically fallen due to their fakeness and lack of longevity. 

Futura – These hair extensions are a special kind of synthetic fibers that can bear the heat and hence, can be straightened and curled, but they still can’t be colored. Futura hair extensions may last longer than natural human hair extensions but they fall short in the human hair qualities and properties. 

Natural Hair Extensions

Natural hair extensions, also known as human hair extensions form the highest quality hair extensions that you can get. They’re differentiated on the methods of their collection as well as preparation, so we’ll separately look into each one of the types.

Remy Hair – Remy hair extensions are the best quality of hair extensions available on the market, they’re so good that they’re also considered to be a synonym of great quality. The world Remy is derived from a French verb ‘remettre’ which apparently means ‘to put back’. The bundle of hair which will make up the Remy hair bundle is re-aligned so that all the hair is facing the same direction. 

The production of Remy hair requires a lot of skill and technical work. The term Remy hair now simply means that the hair was cut directly from the donor and kept as they were, in their original position and direction. 

Raw or Virgin Hair – As the name suggests, these hair extensions are completely raw and untouched. This means that they don’t go through any kind of process or procedure before getting collected. This also means that they’ve never been colored which is why they’re incredibly soft, silky and smooth and they will blend in perfectly with your hair giving them a natural, attractive look and feel. 

Single Drawn Hair – This particular bundle of hair extensions is so-called because it was only brushed through once, just to remove the really short hair strands from the original set of hair. This is exactly why a bundle of single drawn hair extensions will consist of hair that varies in length. 

Double Drawn Hair – This means that the bundle was brushed through several times so that only the hair with the same length, remain in the bundle and all other varying length hair is discarded. 

Hair Extension Brands For You

In this section, we’ll be listing down a few brands that we feel are great for providing high-quality hair extensions that will blend in seamlessly with black women’s hair. 

  • AiryHair AiryHair is an amazing brand that only deals in premium high-quality natural hair extensions, and they have entire separate sections full of different hair extensions, made exclusively for black women and their hair types. 
  • KinkyCurlyYakiThis brand is also quite famous and trusted in the hair extensions community, especially by black women, as they have hair extensions designed according to the curly, wavy natural hairstyles that black women usually have. 
  • ONYCHair –  This brand also offers great bundle deals and offers high-quality products for all kinds of hair, especially black women who have curly and highly textured hair that are hard to be paired with extensions. 

Final Words

Black women already have such a diverse range of naturally good looking hairstyles that make them stand out. Using these extensions will just add a lot more to their beauty and style, and they can really explore new ways of styling their hair and adding density to them, by using the different textures/styles of hair extensions that we’ve mentioned. 


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