Blond Curly Hair Extensions


The fashion market is evolving day by day. As social media trends keep on coming up, girls and women are becoming increasingly confident about their looks and the styles they want to adopt for themselves. Women are not realizing that a little change-up in their hair, skin or any other feature, isn’t something to be frowned upon, instead it’s a sign of strength and confidence.

With that realization, the trend of hair extensions has gotten drastic attention over the past couple of years. Women and girls are more open to the idea of trying new and bold hairstyles for themselves now, and therefore the demand for hair extensions is increasing.

Out of the many options that are available for hair extension styles and colors, one of the most commonly used and attractive options, is blonde curly hair extensions. In this article, we’ll be talking all about them and we’ll also be mentioning some brands from where you can buy the perfect blonde curly hair extensions.

Best Time to Use Blonde Curly Hair Extensions?

Wearing blonde curly hair extensions is a great way to temporarily style your hair and make your hair look different while protecting your real hair at the same time.

When you decide to change your natural hair’s look, you might chop a chunk of your hair off, only to realize that you don’t like the look. In that case, hair extensions will come right in, to help you.

Other options include wearing a wig, faux locs, etc., but hair extensions give you the most natural look and if you apply them properly or through the help of a professional,  people might never even notice that you’re wearing extensions.

Blonde curly hair extensions are good for a temporary period of time, but they can become problematic if you keep wearing them for extended periods, as they tend to mess up your natural hair too. Furthermore, the longer you wear hair extensions, the bigger there is a possibility that you will start neglecting them and stop caring for them as much as you once used to.

Moreover, blonde curly hair extensions cannot survive without proper care and attention. They need to be brushed properly, even washed sometimes and kept safe from strong winds and excessive dust, so they can stay in their prime shape and texture.

Blonde Curly Hair Extensions – Application Methods

There are several different ways of applying them. They all vary in timing so it’s essential to keep that in mind. Along with these things there are also many other things that are different from,, each type of hair extensions application.

The Tape-In Application

Hair Extensions that are taped in last you around four to eight weeks. You can easily wash and brush your hair gently while these extensions are installed.

However, to keep them in the best shape and to make sure that their texture remains for a long time, you need to use special shampoos and conditioners.

Using a glue remover, you can easily take these extensions out when you’re done using them. And they can easily be put back on, by using glue or any other organic liquid adhesive.

The Clip-In Application

The clip-in hair extensions are one of the best options if you want to add length and volume to your natural hair. They are quite easily integrated in your natural hair and it’s hard to tell them apart from your real hair, when you’re wearing them.

Clip-In hair extensions come in different prices depending on the quality of the brand, usually, they’re sold in long pieces that are cut down into smaller pieces to perfectly layer the hair.

Most of the clip-on extensions come with the clips already attached to the hair but sometimes you have to do that yourself, which isn’t a hard process.

Micro Rings Application

Also known as microbead and micro loop extensions, they are small rings, mostly made out of aluminum that is lined with silicone to allow the hair extension to stick. This application process doesn’t require any adhesive or heating, which is why this is the safest option for your hair extensions, one that will definitely cause the most minimum amount of damage to your hair.

There are different sizes available ranging from 1.5mm to 5.5mm. The different sizes are there to provide support to different weights of the hair extensions. The size also makes a difference when it comes to the visibility of the extensions and how they feel. Some microbeads are so small that they almost give your hair a look, as fine as a non-surgical hair transplant.

Netting Application

In this application method, the hair extensions are braided into a very thin layer of net, where the hairstylist can weave the hair extensions.

In this method, the person will either have to wear a cap or a hair net prior to the braiding of the hair. The netting is great and more flexible as the hairstylist doesn’t necessarily have to weave the braids, they can just glue or sew the extensions directly on the net.

This method compared to some other application methods also isn’t that time consuming as it only takes about 2 to 4 hours maximum.

Lace Fronts Application

Lace Fronts are a comparatively newer addition to the hair extensions industry. Lace fronts are made up of a very fine mesh of nylon with little holes from which the hair gets hand ventilated through.

Lace Front gives your hair a very natural look and it comes in many different styles like wavy, curly, straight, etc.

The extension hair comes attached to the nylon mesh either by being sewn in or by being stuck to the mesh using special adhesives.

If you want the lace fronts to fit you perfectly, it’s best if you take measurements of your head and it’s also advised that you get it done from a professional hairstylist as there are some very technical things involved in the application process.

Popular Brands That Deal in Blonde Curly Hair Extensions

We know how important it is to choose the right curly hair extensions for yourself and there are many things like the quality of the extensions and the color vibrancy etc. that need to be considered before you actually buy them.

That is why we’ll be listing down some of the best brands that you can get your perfect blonde curly hair extensions from.

  1. Kinky Curly Yaki: This reasonably priced brand promises to offer the highest quality bundles of hair extensions, ones that will look as if the hair are all natural and literally growing out of your head.

  1. Perfect Locks: This brand promises special hand-selected hair extensions all the way from India. What makes their curly extensions so safe and high quality is the fact that they use a chemical-free process called steam perming, which gives their extension a very natural look.

  1. Private Stock Hair: This brand offers 100% virgin hair which is of the finest quality in the market, as they claim. This brand also specializes in curly hair extensions along with great and strong colors.

  1. Bella Curls: Bella Curls offers natural curly hair extensions from a wide variety of origins like Brazilian, Malaysian and Mongolian, so you can get the perfect natural curls of your choice.

  1. SERO Hair: If you’re looking for premium virgin hair, this is it for you. SERO hair is an emerging brand in the beauty industry which offers great quality, curly and all other types of hair extensions for you.

Three Important Things About Hair Extensions That Your Shouldn’t Neglect

A major part of how long your hair extensions last and retain their perfect condition and quality depends a lot on how much you care for them. Like most things we use, hair extensions will also get tarnished and worn off, if you don’t care for them.

Taking care of your hair extensions is quite easy and should be done on a regular basis. In this section, we’ll lay down exactly what you need to do to make sure that your hair extensions stay in perfect shape and texture.


It’s important that you gently wash your hair extensions at least once every two to three weeks. Make sure that you use cool water and don’t put too much pressure on or pull the hair extensions. It’s best to use conditioner after the wash and there should be no alcohol or sulfate in the shampoo and conditioner as that can damage the hair.


It’s crucial to dry the hair extensions out after you’ve washed them. Air drying is recommended, but the heat can damage the hair so make sure that the heat is at a minimum.


Although most people disregard how they store their hair extensions, this too is a very important part. When you store them, ensure that they’re dry, conditioned and sealed in an airtight bag to avoid any dust or debris from coming through.

Blonde Curly Hair Extensions Are The New “IT”

Getting blonde hair extensions can really give your hair a nice, super elegant touch to your hair. They’ll definitely give you the beautiful look that you deserve.

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