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With the fashion industry growing day by day, new products and variants are coming out on the regular. A lot of innovations have been made in the hair extensions industry as well, one of them being short hair extensions. 

Just like any other hair extensions, short hair extensions are also used to add style and volume to your hair and give them a nice, elegant look. 

Short hair is a bold move for women and often women don’t want to risk having a pixie or a bob cut, therefore even if they do make the dreadful decision of having short hair, they can always get some extra length back, by adding short hair extensions to them to make them look a bit longer. 

Short hair extensions are also used to increase the volume of your hair. If you have short hair that is really thin, you can find matching extensions to go with the short hair and you can add them to give your hair a denser look. 

Various Types of Best Short Hair Extensions To Know About

Adding extensions to your short hair can be a little tricky and quite challenging to implement. Therefore we’ll be listing down a few of the best short hair extension types that will go amazingly with your short hair. 

Clip In Human Hair Extensions

The most common type of hair extensions used by women with short hair is the human hair, clip-in extensions. The reason for the popularity is the fact that they’re extremely easy to apply and they’re also one of the cheapest options to be purchased, with really good quality. 

Sometimes, you might just need an extra few inches of length if your hairstyle looks too short and these clip-ins will really come in handy, in such situations. 

Clip-ins can be a little tricky to apply when doing for the first and maybe even the second time but you eventually get used to applying them and then it gets really easy. Apart from being easy to apply, clip-in extensions add a good amount of length and volume to your hair, therefore, you should definitely keep this as an option. 

However, there is a common complaint about these types of hair extensions and that is that they can look a little too thick and dense sometimes and not blend with the women’s hair properly. But this problem can easily be rectified by choosing a bundle of extensions which weighs less than 3.5 ounces, simple. 

One other thing you can do is get a bundle with fewer pieces. Extensions come in different sets like 2, 4 8, etc., so you can just do some research and buy a set according to your actual need. 

Synthetic Hair Extensions

Synthetic Hair Extensions are another popular choice of hair extensions for many women due to several reasons, like the fact that they retain their style for a long time, they come in beautiful attractive colors and they look really natural. 

You can even opt for the heat-resistant synthetic hair extensions and have the liberty of styling them exactly like your real hair and have some fun with different kinds of hairstyles. 

Synthetic Hair Extensions also tend to blend really well with all kinds of hair, including short hair and they seem totally invisible from their point of attachment which is another reason why women prefer these extensions a lot, over many others. 

Synthetic hair extensions can also be used to add volume to your hair and that too for a comparatively long time, without having to worry about coating your hair with a shower of hair spray. 

Hacks To Blend Short Hair Extensions 

If you’ve been rocking a long bob or a blunt bob cut for a while and want some changes made with your hair, the hacks that we’ll be covering will surely help you in achieving that newer, fresher look, so keep reading on. 

Go Heavy

We all know how crucial it is to find extensions whose weight will go perfectly with your type of hair. It’s highly recommended that girls with short hair, the one with blunt haircuts, in particular, to always grab on to the heaviest set that they can get their hands on. 

The take is that you want the transition of your natural hair to your extensions to be completely natural and unnoticeable, therefore, you would need a greater amount of hair for every weft to completely hideout the area where the extensions meet your natural hair. 

Layer It

This layering technique will give you an amazing blend that’ll look really beautiful and unique. Although this method requires you to cut your precious hair short, we assure you that the outcome will look outstanding. 

If your short hair is naturally wavy and layered, you can add some extensions to them to increase the length and then go to your hairstylist and ask them to cut the entire bundle in one layer. 

This kind of cut will create an extremely attractive, super flowy, seamless kind of look that you can rock, as the perfect change. 

Covering The Base 

Girls with unique haircuts like lobs or blunts, this one’s for you. While wearing extensions, short edges of your real hair tend to peek out from below the extensions, which gives a really messy, haphazard type of look. 

You can fix this by pinning the bottom area of your hair against your head, or you can easily tie up a braid and hide the peeking hair behind it. 

Stacking Up

If your short haircut makes your hair look quite blunt or less dense, you can follow this great trick and get over this problem, easily. 

The name ‘stacking up’ kind of gives away the most important part of the trick which requires you to stack up wefts of hair extensions on top of each other and then clip them onto your real hair to give them a really dense and high volume look. 

Color Decoding

This is a great way to streamline your short hair and trick anyone, very easily. This method basically adds a lot of dimension to your hair. What you would need to do is combine and attach extensions with the similar colors, for example, chocolate brown and chestnut brown, together and clipping them on to your short hair. 

If you have two-toned natural hair, then you need to pick a bundle which matches the ends of your original hair, not the routes, because only that will allow a seamless looking flow of hair and it’ll blend in perfectly with the extensions. 

Higher Than The Usual 

Clipping hair extensions on short hair can be tricky, we’ve all established that. Therefore, it’s important that you cover as much of your short hair as possible. In order to achieve that, you’ll have to start attaching them from a lot higher on your head, compared to applying extensions to normal length hair. 

Waving and Curling

This is the last hack for a seamless blend of extensions and natural hair. Waving and curling your hair adds a lot of style to your hair and it also makes them really flowy and very subtly hides any signs of attachments or extra hair. 

Some Go-To Brands

In this section we’ll be listing down a few great brands that you can buy your short hair extensions from, you’ll surely get a great price and quality from them.

Hidden Crown Hair

Hidden Crown Hair is a very popular high-end hair extensions brand, trusted and recommended by many celebrities and stylists, including the famous Justine Marjan, who often works with Kardashians. She says that their pieces are really thick and high quality compared to most brands. 

Beauty Works

Beauty Works’ clip-in hair extensions are one of the best and they come in a plethora of different colors and highlights which makes it easier for you to find the perfect match for your hair. 

Their bundles also come in a variety of different densities, according to your desired usage. If you want a lot of volume, you can choose their double hair set, and so on. 


Another brand from the big players in the hair extension market, SoCapUSA offers a large variety of unique colors including frosted shades and neon-colored hair extensions, that’ll let you give your short hair a stand-out, highly unique look. 

Ricky’s NYC

This top-quality brand is great for you, if you’re short on time, as well as funds. Their products are comparatively cheaper, with a lot of outlets spread across Manhattan and a free online shipping service on orders above $50. They offer a great variety of different textured hair extensions along with attractive colors. 

To Sum Up

In conclusion, short hair extensions are a great way to add length and volume to your hair. They allow you to play with different styles and lengths and they add a really nice touch to your short hair and make them look even more attractive and dense, along with a hint of pretty colors. 

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