Style for Hair Extensions- Which Style is ForYou


Hair Extensions Defined

Hair extensions are very popular in today’s society. They are applications designed to add vitality and extended length to one’s hair. There are two types of hair extensions; synthetic hair and natural hair. Synthetic hair is the cheapest of the two. Natural hair is more costly because it runs in a straight direction and is preserved for longevity. These two types of hair are significant for the style of hair extensions.

There is also a distinction between single – drawn hair and double – drawn hair. Single drawn hair is about two inches long while double drawn hair is much longer, of better quality, and is less thinning at the bottom. Both of these styles of hair extensions are applicable to you based upon your personal preference.

Why Hair Extensions are so Effective

The usage of hair extensions is convenient and attractive for various reasons

  • Colors can be added to your hair without the usage of chemicals.
  • The style for hair extensions can give vitality to your appearance
  • for those women who have short hair and have problems with growing hair, hair extensions can be used to add extra length to their hair.
  • Hair extensions can also be used for the fullness of hair in women who have thinning hair.

Factors to consider when getting a Hair extension

  1. As discussed earlier there are synthetic hair applications and natural hair applications. It is important to buy hair extensions of the best quality which often results in a higher price.
  2. Hair extensions should be applied by a stylist to ensure proper placement and comfort. For example, hair that is too tight may cause discomfort, headaches, and could lead to loss of natural hair.
  3. Remember that before you got a hair extension it all began with your own natural hair. Make sure your hair is washed regularly and well-nourished with the proper products, namely hair conditioners.
  4. Keep in mind that with your new hair you may face the possibility of getting your hair caught up in or pulled by jewelry or other items.

Types of hair extensions

  • Micro Beads – are small beads attached to hair extensions that are secured to your head using a small tool usually referred to as pliers. There are no other applications in this process. and once completed, the application is very well camouflaged. This style of hair extensions is very popular.
  • Bundle extensions – are multiple hairs woven together to form a bundle. They come in different lengths and can range from 10 inches to 40 inches.
  • Clip-In Extensions – are small hair parts attached with metal clips. This type of hair extension is called is similar to a barrette.
  • Tape-In hair extensions – are thin pre-taped hair extensions that are applied to your natural hair overlapping the extension in a sandwich typed fashion.
  • U Tip process – The U Tip hair extension process is made up of a U shaped tip made of glue. The glue is fused within your natural hair and lasts for several weeks.
  • The I Tip hair extension involves the process of using a micro ring pulling your hair through a metal loop. The loop is usually made up of aluminum and copper. Because of its materials, the process is considered very risky for women actively receiving radiation and chemotherapy treatments. This process has also been known to cause harm to the cuticles of your hair.

Proper care for hair extensions

Taking care of your natural hair continues to be just as important while using extensions and weaves. Natural hair should be cared for regularly when showering. Using deep conditioners regularly will keep hair well hydrated and nourished.

Chemicals are used to manufacture hair extensions. This is another reason why deep conditioners are necessary to keep natural hair from drying and prevent the scalp from becoming scaly.

Hair extensions have also become the preferable choice over the coloring of natural hair because hair extensions often prevent excessive shedding of hair, bald spots, and dry scalp problems often associated with coloring treatments of natural hair.

It is important to wash extensions properly so they are properly preserved and last as long as possible. This is accomplished by using a sulfate-free and alcohol-free conditioner. This prevents tangling of hair, matting, and keeps the oils within the hair. It is also good practice to take a cool shower as opposed to a warm or heated shower because the hot water melts the conditioner out of your hair. A cool shower contracts the conditioner helping it to stay present within the hair.

New You Possibilities

Look good, feel good, do good. These are the adjectives that fuel the hair extension industry. When a woman looks good and feels good, she is inclined to be more productive and do good. This is why women will spend countless hours ensuring that the selected hair extension brings them to that look good place.


That look good place is where confidence soars, low self-esteem goes in the toilet, and that look good feeling spills over into the feel good and do good place bringing about positive change in the wholeness of a woman’s life.

This is where every woman wants to be. The style for hair extensions has proven to directly affect a woman’s self-image. The ability to cover up bald spots, make hair fuller, and longer has proven to boost a woman’s self-esteem. The hair extension industry continues to become very attractive and profitable in this regard.

Statistics from, the leading and beauty online authority, reports that 38 percent of women use some form of hair extension and 87 percent of women do not tell family and friends that they are using hair extensions. hair extensions have shown significant growth over the last three years with projected annual growth in sales of 10 billion by the year 2023.

The major factors influencing this growth are ease of application of these processes, longevity of application and a growing economy. Industry analyst project that the hair extension industry will grow at a rate of 9% each year. Industry analysts also report double growth revenues if the economies of China, The United States, and India economies continue to grow.

Revenue from the online business of hair extensions has not been factored into this growth estimate. Online hair sales is a new venue and have not provided an accurate growth estimate at this time. However, we do know that more and more people are shopping on the internet which accentuates the potential growth of online sales.


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